St Johnstone’s match with Rangers ends in a 1-1 draw

On 28th December, St Johnstone’s match against Rangers ended in a 1-1 draw. First goal came in from Barrie McKay on 23rd minute, which resulted in Rangers’ lead. Five minutes after McKay’s hit, Rob Kiernan passed shortly to Steven McLean, who has matched the score. McKay could score another goal, but his and Josh Windass’ shots were blocked by Saints’ goalkeeper.

Rangers’ four consecutive winning chance was interrupted by Saints, who are on the fifth place, being three points behind Hearts. Saints’ manager, Tommy Wright, has decided to add an extra central midfielder changing his side to a back three and block as much as possible the angles from which Rangers could strategically benefit. They also had luck, since Kiernan under-hit a pass to goalkeeper Wes Foderingham, giving a chance to MacLean to launch in the ball successfully.

Rangers were leading only five minutes not being able to get through Saints’ defence further.

Saints could have profited more with their strategy, but when Graham Cummins took a header from Joe Shaughnessy’s cross, it could have been done better. Graham could have hit wide, making a more organized play for the hosts.

Rangers had their dangerous moments, especially when McKay ran against hosts’ defence, but they had to get again to a back four with Clint Hill’s injury. Afterwards, Martyn Waghorn came in, hitting the ball wide.

MacLean’s would be looked as a poor play from Rangers. Both teams had used intriguing tactics, and each has used their best from which they could take advantage from.