Sebastian Vettel wins the Hungarian Grand Prix

Both of the Ferrari drivers finished on the top in the Hungarian Grand Prix, with Sebastian Vettel first and Kimi Raikkonen on the second place. The race concentrated mainly on the Ferrari’s and Mercedes’ drivers, as Lewis Hamilton was struggling on the third before ceding his position to his teammate Valtteri Bottas, while Raikkonen was impeding the both in overtaking him. The Finn said that he could go faster, but he was used as an obstacle for the Mercedes drivers.

Vettel had a wide gap in the first half of the race, with Raikkonen close to him, but as Hamilton began to advance forward, the Finn had to make a stop and stay behind. It could be Briton’s win if Raikkonen wouldn’t be blocking his way, as Vettel has been experiencing problems with his Ferrari allowing him hardly to steer into left-sided corners.

This helped Mercedes gain some pace, and as Hamilton approached Bottas, he asked him to allow overtaking him for getting past the Ferraris. The Briton made clear if he wouldn’t be able to take on the Ferraris he would allow Bottas back in his place. As he was tailing Raikkonen he couldn’t get past him, as his Mercedes was affected by Ferraris aerodynamics on this track. Although Raikkonen had to play such an unpleasant role, he managed to hold Hamilton off. When the Briton saw that he won’t be able to make a further move, he passed on his position to Bottas, as he had promised.

McLaren’s Fernando Alonso gained his best result of this year’s Grand Prix, finishing sixth.
Red Bull’s Max Verstappen finished fifth, with a surprise at the beginning. During the first lap, he bumped into his team-mate Daniel Ricciardo, which was followed by safety’s car appearance. Verstappen earned a 10-second penalty, and Ricciardo was frustrated because he couldn’t continue the race due to such a silly move.

The racers have a 2-week break until the preparations for the next Grand Prix in Belgium. It will be an interesting race, as Hamilton needs to give his best in order to close the gap and create some advantage to Vettel before the final races.

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