Sebastian Vettel wins the Bahrain Grand Prix

This year’s third F1 Grand Prix that took place in Bahrain ended with Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel’s win. Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton finished 2nd who was penalised for five seconds during the race for holding Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo on the pit entry.

Hamilton’s teammate, Valtteri Bottas finished 3rd. He let Hamilton chase Vettel in front, but the difference of 12 seconds in the remaining 10 laps was too much for him.

It was hard to tell which car was the fastest as Ferrari and Mercedes claimed that each of them was the best. This race has confirmed once again that Ferrari has it all to be able to beat the world champions, and this fight will entertain us still in the next stages.
Kimi Raikkonen’s start wasn’t the best, which forced him into a long recovery finishing in the 4th place. Ricciardo finished on 5th, and Verstappen was doing well, until his brakes failed, which lead to a crash.

Hamilton could possibly be in better position if he had acted differently in some moments. His early pit stop and slow pace during a collision surely played a role. However, another moment occurred on the 10th lap, when Hamilton let Bottas take the pole instead of him.

The Brit closed the gap to Vettel by 4.3 seconds on 32nd lap and Ferrari made the last pit stop after that, which put him 17 seconds behind, but afterward he started to set the fastest laps.

Hamilton made his last pit stop on the 41st lap, which put him 18 seconds behind and now he was the fastest closing the distance by every moment. However, it didn’t play out well, as Bottas went out on 47th lap leaving his teammate 12 seconds behind in the last 10 laps, which was too much for him.

The next challenge will occur at Sochi in the Russian Grand Prix on 28-30 of April.