Mercedes leads in the first qualifier round of the Italian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton topped in the first session of the Friday’s Italian Grand Prix qualifier, while Valtteri Bottas topped in the second round on 1st of September.

When Hamilton won, Bottas finished behind him with Vettel right on his tail. In the second session as Bottas was ahead, it ended alike, with Hamilton behind and also Vettel a second slower.
Kimi Raikkonen finished fourth with the Red Bull drivers, Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen behind. While Red Bull racers finished behind Raikkonen, they will have to start behind due to the use of too many engine parts. Fernando Alonso will face the same fate.

McLaren showed an impressive performance this time, with Stoffel Vandoorne on the seventh and Alonso on the eighth. It is not the track where the Honda engines could easily prevail, but despite that, they made it well even through the rain. The racers will try to get up the grid in their next practice, as they have been rehearsing the slipstreaming techniques, which could prove to be very useful.
Williams’ Felipe Massa seemed to be in a better shape than in the previous qualifier finishing ninth. Force India’s Esteban Ocon was slightly behind taking the 10th position.

The Italian Grand Prix will be a good opportunity for Lewis Hamilton to boost his chances in gaining the win. With the following race in Singapore, where Vettel would have more advantage, the Briton will have to give his best to gain the points.

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