Manchester United Play a Draw Against FC Rostov

Manchester United have played against FC Rostov at Olymp-2 Stadium which has ended with a 1-1 draw in the Europa’s League first-leg of the last 16 on 9th of March.

United scored their goal after Zlatan Ibrahimovic assisted Henrikh Mkhitaryan in his closed ranged shot in the 35th minute. The striker mustered an effort in the second half but it went over the bar.
Aleksandr Bukharov assured the equaliser in the 53rd minute before Timofei Kalachev made a straight pass.

The second-leg game will take place at Old Trafford on Thursday, 16th of March.
United was supported by 238 fans, who travelled over 3500 miles to watch their game. Each of them had their visas paid by the club and were offered blankets upon the ground.

The Red Devils scored 38 fouls after the start of the game, which Mourinho has criticised as a poor performance. However, he might be confident that in the return game his team will play much better.
For Rostov, it was rather a period of better results in this competition. They ended third in their group behind Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid. However, they were able to beat the Germans home.

They mustered a successful effort when Kalachev passed between defending Chris Smalling and Phil Jones reaching Bukharov who received the ball on his chest and launched past Devil’s keeper.
They made a dangerous attempt when Aleksandr Gatskan fired from a long range toward Sergio Romero, however, it didn’t change the outcome of the game.

Manchester United will play next against Chelsea in the quarter-final of the Fa-Cup on 13th of March and Rostov will be against Terek Grozny on 12th of March.