Lewis Hamilton wins the Canadian Grand Prix

After landing 7th in the previous Grand Prix in Monaco, Lewis Hamilton managed to regain his form emerging victorious in the Canadian Grand Prix on 11th of June. Montreal’s course has been always the one where he performed brilliantly, and this time he managed to overturn his rivals, reaching his sixth win of his career at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Now he has closed the gap to Sebastian Vettel from 25 points to 12.
During the race, Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen and Hamilton’s teammate Valtteri Bottas were driving at a similar pace, but neither of them could overcome Hamilton’s record when he produced one of the fastest ever made laps on this course.

Vettel neared very close, but Hamilton managed to widen the gap by 0.3 seconds.
Vettel suffered a hit while he was chasing Hamilton when Red Bull’s Max Verstappen damaged his right wing overtaking him from the outside at the first corner. If Vettel managed to maintain his position, the race could turn out otherwise. Despite that, many have agreed that Mercedes had too much for Ferrari, and it would have been a nearly impossible win for Vettel.

After Fernando Alonso’s comeback from Indianapolis 500, he managed to make even a quicker lap than Hamilton in the second qualifier. Alonso’s pace was perfect towards scoring first points for McLaren, but with only two laps to go, it happened again. Honda’s engine failed.

It still remains uncertain how McLaren will proceed further, but an option might be that they will split with Honda and try out the Mercedes engines for a while until the Japanese parts will become more challenging.
The next Grand Prix will take place in Baku on 23-25th of June.