Juventus Proceed into the Champions’ League Semi-Finals

Juventus played a 0-0 draw against Barcelona in the second-leg of the Champions’ League quarterfinals and advanced to the semi-finals with a 3-0 aggregate on 19th of April.

Barcelona showed some amazing results in the previous matches, including the win against Paris St-Germain after a 4-0 deficit in the first leg. This time their performance was rather on the poor side, mustering only one shot on target during the whole game.

Lionel Messi launched Barca’s only shot against the visitors’ gates, but the Spanish keeper, Gianluigi Buffon denied it. Messi made another attempt later on, which went over the bar. Such players as Neymar and Luis Suarez similarly didn’t manage to make any substantial contribution.

Juventus were very precise and careful in the play with their opponents, hardly allowing them to get past their defence. Their defence could be described through Buffon’s only save that he had to make when Messi attempted to score past him.

With Barca’s loss in this round, their boss, Luis Enrique will leave them for failing to reach the semi-finals for the second season. They were previously beat in the same phase by Atletico Madrid. Barca will play against Real Madrid on 23rd of April, and the defeat would leave them six points off the tops.

Juventus are now in the in the last four draw together with Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, and Monaco.