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Get your £50 bonus when you sign up to William Hill Bingo today and deposit just £10. Use promo code: BINGO when signing up to claim your bonus. One of the biggest pundits of the online gambling industry, William Hill is here to introduce you to the world of bingo. Not only does it invite you to their exquisite bingo domain, but it also will offer you a lavish welcome bonus to help you get started. In the best traditions of online bingo domains, William Hill gives away a 400% bonus up to £40 on one’s first deposit, which can be spent on both bingo tickets and their selection of casino games. You’ll get a lot of playing out of this amount, given how cheap the bingo tickets are on William Hill Bingo – and maybe you’ll even be that lucky fellow which will snatch a big one on the house – we’re cheering on you!

Along with other big names like William Hill Casino and William Hill Vegas, William Hill Bingo is one of the successful online franchises of the well-known betting and gambling company William Hill International Group Ltd. A 1934 British company, the group is currently considered to be the largest high street bookmaker in the United Kingdom, with over 16.000 employees and more than 2300 betting shops opened in all the British Isles. Its business accounts for more than a quarter of the UK betting market and, according to a statement by main office, the shops process more than a million betting slips in an average business day – not considering the sales peaks reached during such important sports events as the World Football Cup.

Business of such dimensions can only be explained in one way, that is, the way William Hill meets the expectations of every player that enters a shop or clicks on the website. With a tradition of more than 80 years in the betting, bingo and gambling business, William Hill is sure to have already polished all of its possible rough edges and, consequently, to provide service of the utmost quality. As such, William Hill Bingo is, in turn, a product that not only will not disappoint, but will, in fact, offer such an unforgettable experience that even the most nitpicky of the bingo professionals are sure to try it again and again.

One of the most popular choices of bingo players, both in the UK and elsewhere, William Hill Bingo offers quite the extensive range of bingo games to be played, accompanied by a savoury selection of some of the best bonuses on the market. With awards up to £10.000 per game, the traditional 90-ball bingo rooms are the favourite choice of every British player, and Willy’s Winners, Bargain Basement, Big Time, and Speed Bingo are only some of the 90-ball rooms that play new games every few minutes, making it easy for you to win a jackpot between two cups of tea. This is not the only bingo version you can play: the 80-ball, 75-ball, 75-ball patterns and the multi-variant bingo can also make for a great win. Rooms such as the 80-Party, 75-Diamond, 75-Stars and Stripes, and the Time-out Tavern are waiting for you to test your luck against your fellow players and snatch the jackpot from right under their nose.

With William Hill Bingo, you can be sure that every day there’s a bonus. From the very moment you sign up, you have the unique option of playing a few games for free, in order to try your hand, and then you get a £50 bonus which you can play at any time and could bring you a few thousands of pounds if luck is on your side. Moreover, there are special promotions for every month, such as the £30K Super Saturday, the Second Chance Sunday and the Ticket Top Up Night. With such an offer, it wouldn’t be anything uncommon if you profited from the dedicated mobile app to get online and play whenever you have a spare moment.

To claim your initial deposit bonus, all you have to do is:

  1. Set up an account on William Hill Bingo
  2. Make a £10 or a currency equivalent deposit within 31 days from the registration date.
  3. Enjoy your 400% extra cash and start playing with as much as £50!

It’s highly unlikely that such an initiate in the business will leave anything uncovered in their terms and conditions. Uttermost transparency it is, but it surely makes it those terms and conditions much longer than on the other websites as well. Well spare you a couple of minutes and we’ll point out the main ideas in there. William Hill stipulates that this promotion is only available to customers new to the William Hill franchise and over 18 years old. Your first deposit must be £10 or more in order to classify for the £40 bonus, and it must be made in 31 days from the registration date. The bonus funds will only be available for 30 days from the issue date, which means they have to be spent entirely and you should meet the wagering requirements within said period of time. The bonus is split as follows – £30 for bingo tickets, which carry a 2 times wagering requirement, and £10 for casino games, which carry a 20 time wagering requirement. Failure to meet the requirement or any attempt to withdraw funds before meeting the wagering requirement will trigger automatic voiding of your bonus funds. Remember these and you should be safe- all there’s left to do is set up an account on William Hill Bingo!

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