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Get a £30 bonus when you sign up to Ladbrokes Bingo today using this free bet offer. The absolute leader of the online bingo world, Ladbrokes Bingo, is here to offer you those £30 in the form of a free bet. Ladbrokes Bingo gives away a 300% free bonus on one’s first deposit of at least £10, which can be used on both bingo tickets and casino games from their menu.

The Ladbrokes Bingo free welcome bonus is divided into two parts – £25 are reserved for bingo tickets, and the remaining 5 are reserved for games. That’s a great chance to try out all the best that Ladbrokes Bingo has to offer.

 Born 130 years ago, there is literally no human alive who has seen Ladbrokes’ inception, and yet it appears that Ladbrokes is not only keeping up with the Joneses, but also being ahead of our times in terms of business sense. And there’s nothing better to prove it than the amazing success Ladbrokes has had in its activity.

Ladbrokes Bingo is Ladbrokes’ such online division, home to every bingo player throughout the United Kingdom who wants a good time with a classic and classy bingo games operator. “Home” is not really a metaphor here, as the Ladbrokes bingo rooms are designed, named, and arranged in such a manner that they actually become the virtual representation of a nice, cosy house. For example, you could have a little snack in the Ladbrokes Bingo Living Room, where you can play the most popular version of bingo among the Brits – the 90-ball bingo. You can also play 90-ball bingo in the Bedroom, if you feel like having a bit of naughty fun with some good cash.

If you’re the rebel type that still lives in somebody’s basement, here’s your chance to get out of there: The Basement, Ladbrokes Bingo’s dark and scary dungeon, is open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. with 80-ball bingo games and some bingo jackpots that will get you out of the dark for real. You could also tap your inner child and go play in the Ladbrokes Bingo Treehouse with some 75-ball bingo games, as well as take the Room with a View in the best virtual bingo hotel ever.

Ladbrokes Bingo understands of everyone, in particular those who actually play to win. If you are part of this category, you will not be disappointed: register your first account with Ladbrokes Bingo and you will receive a generous 300% free bingo bonust. Take part in the one-million-pound summer festival, with jackpots that surpass your imagination, explore your dark side with the Ladbrokes Bingo Night Hawk games, and sleep ‘til late because with the winnings from Ladbrokes Bingo, you will never be bothered by a boss again.

Much like any bingo website on the Internet, Ladbrokes Bingo is known for offering a whole lot of free bonuses, offers and specials to diversify the customer’s experience.

You can choose to get started with the Ladbrokes Bingo welcome bonus. This one is only available to people who do not hold an account with Ladbrokes and sign up via the Bingo page. The bonus consists of 300% free on one’s first deposit. You can use the free bingo credit site-wide, in most bingo rooms and games provided by Ladbrokes Bingo. For 7 days after registration, you will also have free access to the Guest Bingo room. Deposit at least £10 or a currency equivalent into your Ladbrokes Bingo balance, and you’ll be able to play free bingo as much as you want, completely on the house!

Ladbrokes Bingo also offers a really neat cash back option, which allows people playing in the Attic room to win back the value of any losing tickets. The only condition is that you play in the Attic bingo room between 9 pm and 11 pm every Friday. The same bingo room is also open for free bingo on certain days of the week – just check with Ladbrokes Bingo for the details!
Ladbrokes Bingo also rolls out chat games every single day. The only condition in order to participate is have a valid bingo ticket. Last but not least, create a bond with the bingo community on Ladbrokes and become a local celebrity – you might be nominated for ’Roomie of the Week’ and get free bingo tickets to use in the Bedroom bingo room.

There’s also a Ladbrokes Bingo loyalty programme – the so-called on-the-house rewards. A play on words, considering that Ladbrokes in-house bingo rooms are named after literal rooms in a house. Every player starts off in the Ladbrokes Bingo Garden and works their way up to the Penthouse, a room for those who earn more than 3000 loyalty points per month. To find out more about the Ladbrokes Bingo loyalty scheme and how to acquire the points, you might want to check with the website.

Last but not least, Ladbrokes Bingo is one of those super nice bookies that will offer you a free gift on your birthday – and that too is based on the loyalty tier you’re currently on. If you were looking for one more reason to aim for the Ladbrokes Bingo Penthouse, here it is – Penthouse members will win as much as £50 completely free on their birthday. However, if your B-day caught you unprepared and you’re still chilling in the Ladbrokes Bingo Garden, worry not – you’ll still win at least £5!

Claim your free welcome bonus from Ladbrokes Bingo by following these simple steps:

1.Open a new account on Ladbrokes Bingo.
2. Visit the Bingo lobby and create a chat name.
3. Deposit at least £10 into your cashier and spend them on bingo tickets.
4. Ladbrokes Bingo will credit your extra £30 right away!

First and foremost, you must be a new customer to the Ladbrokes franchise and over 18 years old. Next, your initial deposit should be a minimum of £10. You must also deposit in the first 7 days after registering in order to be eligible for this promotion. The Ladbrokes Bingo bonus you will receive will be split as follows: £25 bingo bonus and £5 mini games bonus, which carry different wagering requirements. In order to successfully withdraw your winnings, you’ll have to wager 2 times the bingo bonus and 25 times the mini games bonus beforehand. Remember those and hurry up to claim your welcome gift from Ladbrokes Bingo.

This information can be subject to change at any time, and your best bet is always checking the Ladbrokes Bingo website.

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