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Claim a £40 free bet with BetVictor today and get off to a great start! BetVictor are giving away £40 in free bets to new customers who sign up a new account and wager bets this 2017. BetVictor will match you bets giving you the chance to get £40 in free bets.

If you’re up to set your games with a true gambling trendsetter, then BetVictor is exactly the thing for you. Founded in ’46 by William Chandler, the company was eventually named after his grandson, Victor Jr., when he took over some 30 years later. This apparently was a historically good move, as the company moved from a family bookmaking business to an international giant, with turnover in excess of £1 billion, in the same time span it took for Victor Jr. to become chairman. Speaking of setting trends, this company was the first to move its assets to Gibraltar in order to avoid taxes, another historic move that may or may not have made the ex-PM Gordon Brown reassess the British tax system.

The company’s popularity was also raised by such events as the Welsh Open Snooker Tournament and the Victor Chandler Poker Cup, which BetVictor officially sponsored. However, it has to be said that BetVictor’s specialty remains, nonetheless, bookmaking. Which is quite obvious, in fact, considering the 70 years they’ve been not only in business, but actually continuously blooming on the sports betting market. The company has been supportive not only of sports betting, but actually of the sports themselves, as it has sponsored a couple of well-known sporting events since its inception. For instance, the inauguration of the Victor Chandler Chase at Ascot Racecourse in 2013 was entirely on the shoulders of this company.

As said, sports are the main dish here. The selection itself is more than decent, with over 25 types of sports covering an enormous number of tournaments, cups, championships and contests of any sort. You can choose between sports such as horseracing – the number one favourite, football and its American and Gaelic counterparts, rugby, golf, ice hockey, boxing, motor racing, snooker, and a good number of others. What’s more, there’s also a selection of non-sporting events to bet on, including several TV-show related events like the X-Factor and the BBC Awards, as well as political events such as the US presidential elections or the UK elections for political party leaders and so on.

BetVictor offers some of the best odds on the market, with betting margins averaging 4.5% and a neigh-inexistent winning cap. What’s more, you are also allowed to place your bets mid-game, with the live betting option: watch your favourite team, horse, or player on live streaming and you can support them by placing a wager on their heads. You’re not from the UK? No problem, BetVictor works internationally as well. In fact, it’s one of the few gambling companies with an Israeli operating licence, as well as one for Japan, Germany, Finland, and quite a few other countries.

Last, but in fact first, a good welcome offer on behalf of BetVictor. If you’re on the website for the first time, you can simply create an account and your first deposit will be 100% matched by BetVictor, so that you can bet twice for the same money. What are you waiting for?

How to Claim

To claim this BetVictor free bet, all you have to do is:

  1. Click on the ‘Claim Free Bet’ button.
  2. Register an account with BetVictor using your personal details.
  3. Deposit and make a minimum bet of £10 for your first bet.
  4. Read the wagering requirements fully to understand how to release the free bets.

In order to access the £40 free bets, we encourage customers to fully read and understand the full wagering requirements and terms and conditions of the promotional offer. Free Bets GB would like to remind its customers that failure to complete the wagering requirements will result in the bonus bets not being released. Any issues with the promotional offer will need to be dealt through BetVictor. Free Bets GB does not accept any responsibility for the management of these offers. Please note all players must be aged 18 years or older to create an account.

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