Denmark defeat Austria in Women’s Euro 2017

Denmark beat Austria by a 3-0 penalty score in the Women’s Euro 2017 semi-finals on 3rd of August. Austria had to face an unlucky challenge in the penalty shootout, as they missed the first three chances.

They were near to scoring in the first half when Sarah Puntigam got a penalty opportunity, but the ball failed to meet the net, as it went over the bar.
Both sides had moments when they could succeed with their efforts, but it all went to waste. Denmark nearly scored with Sanne Troelsgaard’s strike, which met the crossbar.

Denmark has previously progressed into the semi-final two times in this competition, while Austria made their debut. It was a close battle, but Denmark managed to overcome their previous records and progress in the final.
It was a critical moment when Maja Kildemoes blocked with her arm Verena Aschauer’s attempt. A penalty opportunity was there, but Puntigam couldn’t change the outcome.

Though both teams led a close battle, Denmark was overpowering most of the time with an overall possession of 66% and 8 shots on target, while Austrians made only 2.
In the extra time, Katrine Veje and Pernille Harder attempted to score but squandered their chances. It might have been a deserved win, as Denmark almost managed to overpower their opponents, but still, couldn’t ram past their defence until the penalty shootout.

Denmark will play in the final against Netherlands in Enschede on 6th of August.
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