Chelsea Draws Against Liverpool in Premier League

On Wednesday, February 1st, Liverpool ended the game with a draw against Chelsea. Diego Costa fired a penalty in the last minutes, but their keeper, Simon Mignolet, saved it.

The first goal was launched by David Luiz with a free-kick. Simon Mignolet was carried away and let Chelsea score one from 25 yards. However, after the break, Georginio Wijnaldum equalized the score with a close-range header. With this, Liverpool’s run of 3 consecutive home losses has ended.

Liverpool had high chances of scoring with Roberto Firmino’s shoots. However, he couldn’t execute them successfully with a high shot over and close one against the keeper, Thibaut Courtois.

Chelsea played good, but it wasn’t their best game. They dominated in possession and showed a swift tactic throughout the game, but still, they couldn’t thwart Liverpool’s attacks. Antonio Conte was rather satisfied with their acquired points, as he pumped his fists in front of the fans. They had not their best moments, when one of their top players, N’Golo Kante lost the ball at the both pitching ends and in the midfield. Costa also triggered a slight shock due to his missed penalty, but the Blues managed to make more significant attacks later in the game.

For Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp, it was the toughest week since he took over his team in 2015. They lost against Southampton in the semi-finals, exited the FA Cup at the fourth round after the loss against Wolves and were defeated by Premier League Swansea. However, this game didn’t end so badly, and they managed to maintain their record against such teams as Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham.