Celtic beat Linfield in the Champions League Qualifier


Celtic emerged victorious after defeating Linfield by a 0-2 score in the Champions’ League first-leg match on 14th of July.

The first goal was fired by Scott Sinclair in the 17th minute. However, the ball touched Haughey before hitting the net, which resulted in hosts’ own goal. Tom Rogic doubled the score five minutes afterwards, sealing the win for Celtic.

It was a harsh blow for Linfield, as they were trying to score against their opponents during the match, which ended with numerous unsuccessful efforts.

Celtic got the Scottish title already the sixth time this year. Their rivals’ coach, David Healy, who is Ireland’s top scorer ever, has a hex with their old opponents, Rangers.

The hosts were dominating from the early minutes of the match. Sinclar managed to ram through visitor’s defence, and trigger the first goal. The Scottish side managed to double the score quickly after Rogic collected the ball from Leigh Griffiths and finished with a 10-yard shot.

Despite Linfield’s intense pressure in the second half, Celtic similarly made many attempts in scoring against their opponents. The home keeper, Roy Carroll managed to make some excellent saves, showing an impressive open play against Celtic’s attackers.

If Celtic wins the second-leg match, they will have to play against Dundalk or Norway’s Rosenborg in the third round of qualifying.

The sides will meet again in the second-leg match of the qualifying round in Glasgow on 19th of July.